Varberg Family Bios


Birth date: September 16

Paul’s parents were missionaries in the Philippines who taught him early how to trust in Jesus and shared with him the vision of being an instrument to expand God’s Kingdom. Paul began trusting Jesus as his personal Savior as a young boy but really began having a personal quiet time and growing in his faith during the ninth grade. While Paul was in college he felt God calling him into missions so after graduating with a degree in communications, Paul went to seminary. Paul and Margie have been serving as missionaries to the Waray people of the Philippines for 21 years.


Birth date: January 4

Margie’s parents were missionaries in the Congo in Africa. While she was studying at Westmont College she felt called as a missionary and after graduating went to Africa as a missionary for two years. She met Paul after returning to Santa Barbara and they were married in 1983. Margie has been used by God to lead several Waray women to the Lord and to disciple them. She has also founded a cancer support group and teaches at Bethel International School. She and Paul returned to their ministry to the Waray people in June of 2008.

Anniversary: October 1, 1983


Birth date: October 24, 1988


Birth date: November 27, 1990


Birth date: November 5, 1997