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The Bridge Family Update

Dear Bridge Family & Friends,

I hope that you and your family are healthy and well. This is my second message to all of you regarding the challenging times we find ourselves in, as we persevere through this pandemic attack called COVID-19. Please read the message, albeit a bit lengthy, in its entirety, as it contains important practical and essential information relevant for the whole Bridge family.

It is my plan, as Executive Pastor of The Bridge, to communicate with you at least weekly concerning our plans for continuing our gathering together. Of course, the method of our gatherings is changing out of necessity. In this message, I want to focus on two main areas which I hope are helpful to you. One, I want to provide some practical suggestions for encouragement and assistance. Two, I want to explain some changes that we are going to be implementing in the days ahead, allowing us to continue the process of worshiping the Lord and growing in our faith. I would ask that you take the time to read through these.

Practical Suggestions

Stay healthy – This may seem obvious but please follow the health suggestions given to us by our government officials. The website has helpful information about the guidelines for good health in protecting ourselves from contracting or spreading COVID-19. Remember, that staying healthy yourself is a great way to help others remain healthy too.

Make the most of your time – Eph 5:15-16 gives us some great instruction, “Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil.” Maybe you have more time on your hands because of the social restrictions that are in place. Don’t waste this time. Consider it as a gift from God to allow more time to pursue other things, which can help others and bring Him glory. I am writing these practical suggestions here to help you think through some ways you can apply these verses.

Become comfortable with using online technology – Some of you are very comfortable using technology for communication, such as email and social media. But some of you are not! Given that we will need to be socially distant from each other for at least a few weeks, maybe months, the value of online technology is great, and its use for The Bridge family will be essential. We will be using all forms of this technology to help communication, worship, discipleship and other things to keep our church on track with what the Lord has commanded us to do. It is not a time to slow down. It is a time to take advantage of the opportunities the Lord is giving us. If you need help with using online technology, please call the church office and we will assign someone to help get you up to speed. If you are very proficient in using technology, and you are willing to help someone who isn’t, please call or email the church office and let them know that you are available.

A very good article giving proper perspective about COVID-19 and the glory of God – this article is a great read. It explains how viruses work and how understanding them can lead us to glorify God. Click here to view the article –

Our online resources – We are creating a page on our church website called, “Live Resources.” You will be able to find this from our homepage, Click the big button called “Live Resources.” On this page we will provide information, content and links to helpful resources for all ages during this restrictive time. You will find things such as…

  • –       Up-to-date meeting & scheduling information
  • –       Links to helpful COVID-19 updates
  • –       Encouraging notes
  • –       Links to our online resources, such as video classes, curriculum, and much more.

This Live Resources page will start with just a little information and it will grow as we continue to add to it. So keep going back to it to see what we have added.

It is our desire to help you continue to worship and grow in the Lord with others even if we cannot meet together as usual.

Need help? – Some of you may need assistance of various kinds – food, supplies, shopping, financial emergency, etc… Please call the church office if you have a genuine need. We will do our best to connect you with someone who can help. Keep in mind for financial assistance that we have limited funds available, but we will try to help our church families that have legitimate emergencies. Our elder, Wayne Borkin, who oversees the Benevolence ministry will talk with anyone who requests such assistance.

Can you help? – If you can help with the needs of our church family, please call or email the office to let us know. What a great opportunity we have to help each other. Remember that Jesus told His disciples the world would know that we are his disciples in the way that we love each other. How can you help? Here are some ways below:

–        Perform shopping errands for those who are unable to shop themselves due to health risks or other limitations.

–        Make phone calls to those needing communication, encouragement or prayer

–        Help someone set up livestream viewing or other technology needs

–        Give someone a ride

–        Take someone a meal

–        And many more such things

Offerings and Obligations – As mentioned before, the church still has the same ongoing financial obligations. So we are asking that you would still be willing to faithfully give back to the Lord in tithes and offerings. You can give online from our website, or you can simply bring or mail a check to the church office. For those who do not prefer to give online, we will be sending out envelopes for your convenience.

Another area of need is our benevolence. We will probably have a number of people in our church family that experience financial crises during this time. A few in our church family have already been laid off from their jobs. Your help by donating to this fund will be used to meet the need of our brothers and sisters.

Video from Pastor Paul –Pastor Paul recorded an informational and encouraging video to update all of us on many of the same things discussed in this message. This video can be watched by going to You won’t want to miss viewing this message from our Pastor!

Phone calls – During this time we are surely to miss the person to person contact that we so love when we gather together as the body of Christ. So, consider calling some people from the church to encourage and pray for each other. Let us apply the Lord’s instruction given to us in Hebrews 10:24-25.

If you’re an ABC leader or Life Group leader please call the people in your group to see how they are doing. If we all take this on as a necessary act, then people will continue to feel as if we are still connected even in our separation.

Pray, Study, Witness – Consider this time as a great opportunity to pray more, turn off the TV and read your Bible more (along with other good books), and share the hope of the Gospel with others who are “freaking out” about all of this. Our Live Resources Page will contain links to information that will help you in these important disciplines.

Pray for our staff – Please know that our staff is working very hard to meet the needs of our congregation (prayer, instruction, videos, etc.). We need your prayers for wisdom as we discern the best way to meet needs with current and constantly changing social restrictions.

The Bridge Gatherings

Worship Services are now online only – Given the restrictions our governing officials have placed on us, specifically in Los Angeles, we will not be having in-person worship services, starting this Sunday, March 22nd. These restrictions require no more than 10 people at a gathering. Important: NO ONE other than the worship team will be allowed in the Worship Center for the service. Even gatherings of less than 10 need to keep social distancing of 6 feet. Therefore our worship services will ONLY be available online using our livestream. How long will this last, you may ask? We’re not sure, hopefully only a few weeks. But we will keep updating you about this through email and on our Live Resources page.

If you plan on inviting people to your home to watch the livestream, we ask that you not have more than 10 people and keep the social distancing of 6 feet. We know that this is not convenient, but we are being asked to do this so that we love our neighbors and contain this virus. Let us be examples to the world of those who believe that God controls our governing authorities. When we listen to them, while they are not asking us to do sinful things, it is as if we are listening to God Himself.

No ABC or small groups in person, but… – Obviously this also means that we will continue to postpone all ABC and small group meetings. However, we are working on using a technology that will allow people to have online love meetings. These meetings will allow people to interact with each other and the teacher/leader. Information about this will be made available on our Live Resources page.

Contact Information

Please use the following contact information if you need any assistance for things discussed in this message.

Church Office – 818-776-1500

General Email –

Office Manager –

Livestream Page:

Live Resources:

Thank you for reading this long message! We will continue to pray and trust the Lord in all these things. May you be encouraged by this great verse after the Apostle Paul discusses the importance of believing in the resurrection.

Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain.” (1 Cor 15:58)

Trusting our Great God and Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ,

Pastor Randy