Seven words about The Word

Seven words about The Word

The Word is pure and forever settled in heaven,

so continue to believe it absolutely

and rest on it confidently.

The Word is of transcendent value and eternal significance,

so continue to esteem it highly

and magnify it greatly.

The Word is living and active and powerful,

so continue to approach it humbly

and proclaim it boldly.

The Word is Spirit-breathed and of no private interpretation,

so continue to study it diligently

and expound it correctly.

The Word is the sole foundation for wisdom and truth,

so continue to let it dwell within you richly

and love it passionately.

The Word produces reverence for God, the highest virtue,

so continue to read it respectfully

and apply it prayerfully.

The Word is nourishment for the soul and light for life’s pathway,

so continue to feed on it regularly

and meditate on it consistently.


Composed by: L.G. Redekopp



The above was shared by Dr. Redekopp during a Worship Service on 12/31/17. Go to hear the entire message.