Randy’s Top 10 List

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This month’s top 10 list has to do with money, specifically, your money. Without your tithes much of the operation of The Bridge Bible Fellowship would not be possible. Because of that, I thought it might be helpful to list some of the main areas where your generosity towards the Lord is used in the body of Christ. So here is my top 10 list for May, in no particular order.

1. World Missions: Support for over 25 missionaries who are working all over the world, including every continent. Shepherding the Nations is our own homegrown missions agency which has trained 70+ pastors, and is currently training another 300.

2. Evangelism & Outreach: Local events and materials are used to reach out into our local community. This includes church planting support for Christ Bible Church (here in SFV), Ambassador Bible Fellowship (in Idaho), and the EFCA denomination. Other ministries such as our Homeschool Co-op, Bible Study Fellowship, and Child Evangelism Fellowship are also supported.

3. Facilities:  Although our property is debt free, it takes significant financial resources to properly maintain the largest single property in Reseda. Over the last two years, we have been performing major renovations all over the campus, and we continue to do so.

4. Technology:  In a world that increasingly relies on technology, we try to use it wisely for the advancement of God’s Kingdom. Campus-wide wifi and classroom technology is more readily available now than prior to this year.

5. Adult Ministries: From English to Hispanic, from College age to Seniors, from Men to Women, ABC classes to Life Groups, and Worship to counseling, we have so many different adult ministries that are supported.

6. Youth and Children’s Ministries: We are teaching and supporting the next generation of Christ-followers in our Bridge Youth and Bridge Kids ministries.

7. Administration & Communication:  With over 1,000 people who regularly attend our multi-lingual congregation, many resources are dedicated to coordinating and communicating with everyone.

8. Ministry Staff:  We have various staff who serve in ministries from worship, to children, to youth, to hospitality and more.

9. Facility & Administrative Staff: We have very gifted and dedicated facility & administrative staff who handle everything from facility maintenance, to secretarial work, to financial management, to tech support, to communications, to counseling, to organization, providing general helpfulness to the body of Christ.

10. Pastoral Staff:  We who serve in this capacity are so privileged to be able to serve all of you in full-time ministry.

I want to thank all of you who so generously contribute financially with your regular tithes and other financial gifts. The Lord uses your generosity to advance His kingdom through The Bridge Bible Fellowship and beyond.

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