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Pray For Pastor Randy

Our beloved Pastor, brother and friend, Randy, is having an aorta replacement surgery.

His aorta was repaired in 2008 during an emergency surgery to save his life after an aortic dissection. Over the twelve years since then his aorta has grown to the point at which the entire aorta, from the arch near the heart to the place it splits to supply the two legs, has increased in size and is in danger of bursting.

The aorta will be removed, and then a replacement of synthetic material will be inserted and then reimplanted to all of the arteries supplying his lungs, spine, abdominal organs, kidneys, etc. Click here for more info.

By God’s grace, Randy will have one of the world’s best surgeons do the surgery in Houston, Texas. Thank you so much for your prayers for Randy and his family.

See information about Randy’s private fundraiser here.

Here are some specifics to pray through:
“The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much.” – James 5:16b

  • Pray Randy will not get the Coronavirus before the surgery
  • Final Covid-19 test on Monday 5/25
  • Pre-op meeting with surgeon (Dr. Coselli) on Tuesday 5/26. Susan and Randy’s sister are hoping to attend through FaceTime. Pray that they will ask the right questions and be reassured through having answers.
  • Surgery Wednesday 5/27. Check in at 5:30 am, surgery at 8:00 am (CDT), surgery will last 6-8 hours. Please pray that restrictions will be lifted enough so that Susan will be able to wait in the waiting room at the hospital. Pray for no complications (paralysis, lung problems, infection, stroke, etc.)
  • Post-op recovery care and comfort as Randy will not be allowed to have visitors during recovery. His expected stay is 7-10 days.
  • Pray for our testimony to Dr. Coselli and the other medical professionals during this time. Praising God for Laura, the nurse practitioner who is a believer.
  • Praise! We found out that Susan will be able to go to the hospital for 1 hour every day.

Choose When to Pray For Randy

Our goal is to have Randy covered in prayer 24 hours during the critical days of his surgery and recovery.

Please note all times below are Central Daylight Time (CDT)