News From Europe

Dear Friends,

One of the principal tasks and privileges in church planting is to dedicate much time to evangelism. The Lord continues to respond to your prayers for open doors for the gospel. In the last few weeks we have been able to host various people in our home, including our neighbors Fabrizia and Elena, Stefano and Laura (the owners of the hamburger shop near our church), and Gianni, the furniture salesman. In each case, the Lord opened up some very clear opportunities to discuss the gospel and to challenge their way of thinking about the world. We were also encouraged as it seems in each case, the door remains open for future opportunities. Please pray for their salvation.

We are also excited about a door the Lord has opened to meet a couple of times a month with our dentist Gian Piero to discuss the Bible and what it teaches. His initial skepticism seems to have given way to a desire to not be ignorant of the Bible’s teaching. So, we meet and we talk about different aspects of Biblical truth.

In addition to the names already mentioned, please uphold the following people in prayer: Francesco (dentist), Carlo (physics professor), and Francesco (fish salesman).

In a few days, we are going to host an open house at the church with the hopes of getting to know the people in our church’s neighborhood. We will be distributing invitations in the next couple of days. Please pray that people will come so that we can meet them and that the Lord would use it to further the gospel.

As you pray that the Lord would cause His word to spread to the more than 600,000 people in this city, we ask that you would pray not only for the opportunity to share the gospel, but that He would providentially bring us to those who have been prepared of the Spirit to hear the gospel and believe it. Please pray that God would do a miraculous work of grace in bringing many people to salvation.

Almost every Sunday, the Lord brings new visitors to our meeting which encourages us. Recently, a family has been coming every week from about an hour away. They are believers who have been living in isolation without fellowship or a church for a number of years. Please pray for their growth under the teaching of God’s word and for wisdom as we seek to shepherd them.

In the first few days of June, Massimo will be teaching a hermeneutics course for the Theological Academy. Please pray as his preparation time is minimal. It’s always a daunting task to teach in your second language with limited preparation. So please pray that the course syllabus will come together in the next week or so and that the Lord would give me grace as I teach it from June 1-3. Please pray that it would further equip the students to be able to study God’s Word.

By His Grace,

Massimo and Susanna