News From Brazil




When I was appointed as Director of Converge Member Care about 5 months ago I made it a goal for my first year to participate in the best preparation programs available. March and April were very significant months for Debra and me as we completed two significant training experiences for member care. The first was in Colorado Springs, at Missionary Training Institute. There we participated in the Consultation on Debriefing and Renewal, a week-long workshop designed to train facilitators in how to guide personal debriefing and renewal as a routine part of any cross cultural worker’s ongoing development. That was followed by some meetings in Orlando with the Converge Directional Leadership Team as the representative for member care. Then we went to Liverpool, PA, for the Heartstream Resources two-week course Foundations of Missionary Member Care, and Implementing Missionary Member Care.

We are already putting our training into use as we engage in conversations over SKYPE with some of our missionaries.

In June our member care team will be doing global worker debriefing at the annual Summit for those on home assignment.

On the trip back to Brazil Debra and I are looking forward to spending time with some of our missionaries in Mexico.

The third component of our training this year will take place in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where the Narramore Christian Foundation is offering their Counseling & Member Care Seminar, October 8-20. We’ll also take advantage of the trip to visit our global workers in Thailand. Thank you for making this possible with your support.

We appreciate your prayer that we can be strengthened and have wisdom to minister through the following:

– Praying regularly

– Assessing and resourcing needs

– Providing encouragement

– Providing a safe environment for workers to debrief

– Leading the Converge Member Care Team

We also appreciate your prayer for this phase we’re in of transitioning out of 30 years in Brazil and back to the Los Angeles area, by April 2018, where we will continue by God’s grace to serve in member care.

Steve and Debra Rowe