McDole Family Bios


Birth date: 08-16-63

I was saved at the age of 9 through the faithful witness of my parents. While attending New Tribes Bible Institute, I became convinced of the need to share the Good News with peoples around the world who have no witness of the truth. I finished New Tribes Mission’s missionary training in 1987 and went to the Asia Pacific area in 1989. In 1995, I married Tina, who had just graduated from our national mission training center. We have been involved in evangelism and church planting in the Asia Pacific region.


Birth date: 10-23-68

I was saved at the age of 14, through the witness of missionaries, while I worked at a mission guest home. After attending Bible school and mission training, I married Paul. In 2001, my parents lived with us during the unrest in my home area. While they were with us, we shared the Good News and now they know our Savior. God has blessed us with the opportunity to serve Him here in my home country.

Anniversary: 06-03-95


Birth date: 01-29-97


Birth date: 05-19-99


Birth date: 06-19-01

Alan, Amy and Stacia are being schooled at home. They speak 3 languages, love reading, and have been a significant help working together with their mom and dad in ministry.