From Alexey and Katerina

Greetings to you, dear brothers and sisters,

Thank you for your faithfulness in prayer and involvement in our ministry.

Just like God promised, summer came and brought with it a lot of repair works. Praise God, the brothers and sisters are very sacrificial, and at the end of their own job duties they come worked late hours at the church premises. Most of them are over 40 years old. And for me this is a great blessing to have committed people in service!

God blessed us with new people as well! There are 4 people who prepare for baptism, and this might sound like a small number, but for our small church this is a great celebration!

As usually in the north, we regularly say goodbye to many people as they move to a more comfortable place for living locations. The greatest loss for us this year was the move of two families who were involved in the ministry. One man with his wife were leading worship band, and another one was a preacher. Of course, it is impossible to replace such a loss right away. So, this was a great loss for the church. On the other hand, God does not leave us, and this is very obvious for us! And of course, we do not despair.

We plan to have baptism in September during our Harvest Festival. We would bring thanks to the Lord for the fruit!

Please, pray for that celebration. Please, pray for those who will be baptized; pray that they would stay faithful.

And of course, due to the baptism preparation, my ministry load had increased and I have to work more. But God is merciful and He gives me strength and time. Please, pray for my effectiveness in the ministry, that I would be able to convey the truth to other people.

With great joy I want to tell you that we anticipate two weddings this year! This is a rare event and it always brings a lot of joy to the church.

Unfortunately, we have both joy and sorrow. My father went to be with the Lord. On one hand – this was the end of his sufferings, because for the last 2 years he was very sick; on the other hand, it brought a lot of sorrow to my family, although we parted only for a time. Praise God that this is only temporary parting, and since my father was a real Christian, he is now with our Saviour. Please, pray for my mother, that she would have peace and calmness. They were married for 46 years. Unfortunately, we cannot be close with her in order to help and serve her. Therefore, we pray that God Himself would comfort her and make up for the loss of our father.

With love and prayers for you,

Alexey and Katerina