A Life Well-Lived

“A little bit about my friend”

For some reason I tend to think that my friends and family are going to live forever. Of course no one does – it is appointed for all people to die and then comes judgment. But it seemed as if my dear friend Lenore Borelli had special privileges. Ever since I have known her, she has been battling some illness that has taken the lives of many people. Yet she just kept going – and not just living, but “going.” Doctor and hospital visits were a part of Lenore’s normal life for the last few years. In spite of that, Lenore was a hardworking full-time employee. She was a great wife to my friend Jerry. She served the Lord in the church, giving it everything she had until the day she finally agreed to go home. I say “finally agreed” because it seemed as if she had been putting the Lord off for a long time. Now all of our days are numbered by the Lord. But Lenore certainly made good use of the days given to her.

Lenore was a great friend and ministry assistant to me, personally. Being a great administrator, she helped me in planning for discipleship, assimilation, and personnel matters for many years. If she thought something was not right, she was always willing to come directly to me and give me a “scolding,” though this was always done in love, and I knew it.

Lenore devoted herself to serving and leading the women of Shepherd’s Community Church, and then The Bridge Bible Fellowship. Many women, young and old, can testify to the impact that Lenore has made on their lives. She was a shining example of the Great Commandments – loving God and loving people. When I was recovering from my aortic dissection, she sent me at least one “encouragement” card every week for months. I still have them and will treasure them always. As one of my dearest friends, and as a special co-laborer, she will be sorely missed.

Now what?

Lenore is with Jesus, but we are not. She would, of course, want us to continue to love and serve Him until our days are finished – all the way to the end, just like she did. In light of this, we will continue to press on full steam ahead with the ministry she loved – Women’s Ministry. As director of that ministry for so many years, she has left very big shoes to fill and, while there will never be another Lenore, we are confident that God will raise up others who will continue to advance His kingdom through this ministry.

Some have asked whether the women’s retreat would still take place without Lenore. Absolutely! Lenore is in the presence of our Lord Jesus at this very moment and, if we could audibly hear her voice, we know she’d be reminding us that “Jesus is to have first place in everything!” (Col. 1:18) She would be telling us to fix our eyes on Jesus for He alone is worthy of all our devotion and worship. She would be telling each woman in our church not to be worried and bothered about so many things (Luke 10:41), but to choose instead to go to the women’s retreat!

Yes, the Women’s Retreat is still on! Those who know Lenore, know that this weekend was a tremendous passion of hers, desiring ladies to make it a priority to set aside this weekend to draw near to the Lord and fellowship with sisters in Christ! The topic for this year…“Intimacy with Christ”… will be about knowing HIM! Do you and I genuinely count all things loss in view of the surpassing value of knowing Christ? Lenore is now experiencing the love of her Savior face to face. This retreat will help the women of our church to keep growing in their walk with Him until it is time for their faith to become sight. Please consider attending as a tribute to Lenore Borelli.

Women’s Retreat 2012

The retreat is April 20-22 at The Oaks Christian Conference Center. The women’s retreat only takes place every other year, so don’t miss it. Also, please don’t let money be the reason you don’t attend the women’s retreat. If you have a financial need, contact Jeanne Dudley at 818.341.6704. Also, if you’re unable to attend for some reason, won’t you please consider providing a scholarship so that someone else can attend?

Memorial Service for Lenore

Finally, there will be a celebration of Lenore’s life tomorrow, Saturday, March 24th at 3:00 p.m. at Calvary Church, 7115 Shoup Ave., West Hills. Please plan to join the family to worship the Lord and remember God’s work in and through Lenore.  It will be a precious reminder that “to live is Christ and to die is gain.” (Phil. 1:21)


  1. Carol Groves says

    Thank you Randy for the timely tribute to Lenore and for sharing the passion of her heart: Intimacy with Christ and the Women’s Retreat.

    The Women’s Retreat has a special component that some may not be aware of: SCHOLARSHIP. I can speak from experience, many women, young mothers and college students have the desire to attend, but not the finances. Should anyone want to sponsor in part or whole they could speak to Jeanne Dudley at the Women’s Ministry Table.

  2. Wanda Wiedman says

    Thanks Randy for reminding us that God is glorified even in death! She would not like so much attention toward her but would want us all to view our intimacy with Christ the greatest treasure. Great tribute!

  3. Diane Baker says

    Randy, thanks for sharing your memories of Lenore with us! She was an amazing woman of God who taught me so much in the little time I knew her.

    For anyone coming to the Memorial, may I remind you that the family has asked if we could bring desserts for the reception. If you can bring your dessert already cut and on a disposable plate, that would be very helpful. We will be at Calvary Church at 1pm to receive any food/flowers that arrive prior to the service. Thank you!

  4. susanleinen says

    Thank you for writing this tribute to Lenore. I was just thinking about Lenore this morning and about how much I miss her already. Lenore has left an amazing legacy for her daughters, her grand daughters and all of us who are blessed enough to be her daughters in the faith. I have learned so much from this dear woman, from how to sauté the tomato paste with the herbs to make pasta sauce… to how to polish up a resume… to how love my husband and children.

    The best thing I remember about Lenore is that she LOVED Jesus. I don’t think I’ve ever had a conversation with Lenore where she didn’t mention his Name, or give Him praise. Worship was a moment by moment way of life for Lenore, and so, I believe her new life isn’t that much different for Lenore – she is still loving Jesus every moment of every day. And Jesus is loving Lenore. I pray that this legacy will inspire me to love Jesus this way.