Varberg Family

Serving in The Philippines

Ministry Focus: Pastoring a local church and overseeing
Bethel International School


Ministry Overview

Paul and Margie planted the Tacloban Bible Community Church which has now grown to have over 400 adults attending. They have also started a ministry to college students that averages about 250 students in its Friday night service. In 2001 they began Bethel International School. This Christian elementary school has now expanded to the ninth grade and will continue to add a grade each year until it has a complete high school. As the Varbergs return to the Philippines for another four year term one of their goals is to start a Pastoral Training School in their church in Tacloban.

Prayer Requests
  • Pray for the people of Tacloban. Many have lost loved ones. Many, from the poor to the rich, have lost literally everything they own. Also, most houses lack part of the roof or windows and it rains everyday. We probably won’t have electricity for months.
  • Pray for the Varberg family. Margie and Vicki were out of town and missed the storm of a lifetime, but I(Paul) was here through the storm and I have stayed to salvage what we can and to minister to the hurting people all around us. It has been hard to help people physically because all stores are closed, but I have assisted in distributing relief to endless line of needy and hurting people. I have been able to pray with many and to encourage them, that even though they may have lost everything, the same God that helped them acquire what they had, can still help them rise from the ruins of the this typhoon.
  • Pray for them and the staff, as Bethel International School has been devastated. The Elementary Gym and High School Gym has been completely destroyed. The three story classroom building and the staff apartments (which Paul and Margie live in) lost most of their roof. The single story Pre-school building and the Cafeteria sustained the least amount of damage. Paul was in the apartment when the incident happened. Thankfully he is okay and got a few minor cuts. However, when the roof blew off a lot of their possessions as well as the possessions of two other missionaries were blown across the fields behind their school. Margie’s desk and half their bed was blown out the window, photo albums soaked and pictures scattered on walls and ceilings.
  • Pray for the rebuilding of the school and the funds necessary to do that. For 12 years we have strived to be the best school in the Waray area and to train our students to be men and women of God who will influence the Waray area for God. We have helped our students develop a relationship with God and gain the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in life, but we have only had three graduating classes so far. I believe God would like us to raise this school from this destruction so that we can continue to disciple these 288 students, and the hundreds of students that will follow in the years to come. I have already arranged for contractors from other provinces, not affected by this catastrophic typhoon, to come with materials and crews to repair our roof and windows and ceilings so that we can open by January. But I will need your help to pay for these repairs. We also will need to replace many desks, books, computers, and other pieces of equipment like mics, projectors, and sound equipment that were damaged by the water. Donations are needed right away as I need to start repairs right away. We have an obligation to our 288 students to open as soon as possible so that they will be able to graduate on schedule.
Personal Mail:

P.O. Box 217
6500 Tacloban City


Financial Support Address:

Baptist General Conference
2002 S. Arlington Heights Rd.
Arlington Heights, IL 60005

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