Unnamed Missionary Families

Serving in Africa, India, Asia Pacific, United States

We have five families who are serving in countries or regions with restricted access. For security reasons, we are not permitted to print their names, photos, specific locations, or specific ministries. However, the Lord knows who they are! Please keep them in your prayers.

Prayer Requests

You can specifically pray for:

  • their personal spiritual disciplines
  • their safety
  • additional teammates and co-laborers
  • their financial support and
  • for the missionary children who are in school away from their families

As you read about the other missionaries listed ion this website, please use their prayer requests as examples of how to pray for these families as well. Reflect, too, on the Apostle Paul’s prayers throughout the New Testament. These will be helpful as you pray for these families. You may also click here for more suggestions on ways to pray for these missionaries.


To contact any of these missionaries, please contact a member of the missions team for more information.