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Ministry Focus: Church planting in the Republic of Ireland

Thomases 2012
Ministry Overview

This past year we experienced tremendous change as we transitioned out of ministry in Portugal. In the time since then, God has opened a wide door for us in the Republic of Ireland. We joined 2 other veteran missionary couples on the field in the ongoing effort to see a thriving local church planted in town of Roscommon. Roscommon is located near the center of the island and is the county seat of the county that bear its name. When the church plant (called Grace Community Church) began in 2005, there was no other gospel witness in the county! This indicative of Ireland as a whole.

Our prayer and vision is to see local church established in strategic towns of County Roscommon that will permeate the county, the country, and beyond with the light of the gospel of God’s grace in Jesus Christ. We believe that the current focus on making disciples and equiiping the saints for service at Grace Community Church in Roscommon will be an important step in realizing that goal.

Jeff will share the preaching/teaching load on Sunday morning and evenings at Grace Community. He will also continue the worship leading rotation. Jeff and Jenny are both involved as support leaders for 180, Grace Church’s Youth Ministry. Jeff and other church leaders have been busy revising the church constitution, doctrinal statement, and core values. He is also involved in outreach in the community, which either involved door-to-door literature distribution (and gospel conversations) or the book table where we “set up shop” on Market Day and seek to engage people in conversation as they browse our literature. One of the ministry arms of the Grace Church is the bookshop, it maintains a decent supply of blblically sound and gospel centered books. These are solid sources that most Irish people typically don’t have an awareness of or easy access to. Jeff will be assuming oversight of the church bookshop in the days ahead. He sees a lot of ministry potential for this.

Prayer Requests
  • Continued relationship development with our neighbors and contacts from school.
  • For new visitors to come to our weekly 180 youth meetings.
  • Fruit to be borne from our weekly outreach ministry in the community.
  • Cultivation of more ‘one another-ing’ body-life within the church.
  • Wisdom for decision-making and shepherding in the church.
  • Parenting. God’s grace and help as we disciple our children.
  •  Marriage. For sacrificial, Christ-like love to mark us.

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