News from Bridge Youth

Jimmy and I have been very excited about all that God is doing in youth ministry. We had a great time at Pine Summit in Big Bear for our youth winter camp in the beginning of March. God did a great work in the lives of students and volunteers that weekend. We have continued to see God strengthening the relationships between staff and students within the youth ministry and we are excited to continue to develop deeper relationships with students where discipleship can happen naturally. We recently had a service day for our youth where six teams of students and staff spread out in the valley and spent a few hours doing yard work for various members of our church. It was a wonderful time to be able to serve members of our church. We would … [Read More...]

Randy’s Top 10 List

This month's top 10 list has to do with money, specifically, your money. Without your tithes much of the operation of The Bridge Bible Fellowship would not be possible. Because of that, I thought it might be helpful to list some of the main areas where your generosity towards the Lord is used in the body of Christ. So here is my top 10 list for May, in no particular order. 1. World Missions: Support for over 25 missionaries who are working all over the world, including every continent. Shepherding the Nations is our own homegrown missions agency which has trained 70+ pastors, and is currently training another 300. 2. Evangelism & Outreach: Local events and materials are used to reach out into our local community. This includes … [Read More...]


The "Church of the Nativity" was originally commissioned to be built in 327A.D. by Constantine the Great and his mother Helena over the site that was traditionally considered to be the cave that marks the birthplace of Jesus. It was completed in 339 and destroyed by fire in the 6th century. A new basilica was built in 565 by the Byzantine Emperor, Justinian. There have been numerous additions since this second construction, including its prominent bell towers. It is considered one of the oldest churches in the world that continues to have worship services which now occur daily. If you go with us to Israel in December 2018 - January 2019 you will see this historic site! Although not quite that old, The Bridge Bible Fellowship (aka, Reseda … [Read More...]

News From The Grobsteins

  Please rejoice with us as we recount what God has done, and continues to do in Mexico. Howard and I are jointly teaching a weekday chapel class this year.  Our students have a thirty minute chapel class every morning taught specifically at their level.  We have decided to choose a theme every Monday and reinforce it for the week.  This class is always a highlight for us and the students.  Our newest boy, Marco, has a sensitivity and heart for Jesus like I've never experienced before.  Virtually every morning he comes up to us and asks if we are going to have the "Jesus class" that day.  We have enjoyed seeing his biblical vocabulary and knowledge grow week by week. We enrolled a new student from our Spanish website.  All … [Read More...]


        New Believers:   Forty-one young people are the fruit of the evangelistic efforts of our college campus ministries over the last four months.  They have just started a two and a half day New Believers Retreat this weekend.  Please pray that they would each grow strong in their faith and begin to have a daily quiet time as a result of this retreat. We Thank God:  Thanks to the generous year-end donations of several of you, our Junior Varsity Volleyball boys andgirls teams are now able to use the new High School Gym for practice.  The bathrooms are not finished yet and we still need to fabricate and install the louvers around the building and enclose the bleacher area, but at least the kids are able … [Read More...]

News From Geneva

  After a very amazing invitation and many months of preparations, The Geneva International Christian Choir and Orchestra finally gave a one-hour Christmas concert in the Assembly Hall of the United Nations Headquarters of Geneva on December 2, 2016! This was a unique, and honestly quite surreal, experience. And it only happened because of one man, Alex Mejia, the founder of the United Nations Christian Association, who prayed and persisted. Thank you Lord! The concert seems to have been very well received. We already have an invitation to come back next year! Well, it happened. John actually turned 60 on December 14, 2016. And how do I feel? Great! I have decided to fully embrace my age and keep thanking the Lord for good health … [Read More...]

Missionaries in Residence

We now have another missionary family in residence at TBBF.  Paul and Tina and their 2 daughters are staying in the bungalow next to the E building.  Stop by to say hello and take them out for a meal.  If you need their phone number to contact them, please call Joanne W. or the church office and have a blessed Christmas! … [Read More...]

Word From the Rowes

  October 2016 Health Update – Wonderful News! In our June ROWE UPDATE I shared that my desired iron blood level had been reached in April. Later blood tests in July and then in September during our routine physical exams in Brazil showed an even lower count! My Brazilian doctor concluded that my situation was very mild, and the fact that it dipped a bit wasn’t of any concern. And the doctor gave both us a “thumbs up” for our health. Thanks for praying! Return to Brazil - A New Opportunity! As I often shared during our church visits this year, our plan was to return to serve in Brazil for the next two years and during that time evaluate what God might have for our future. Well, I didn’t expect God’s direction in this so … [Read More...]

News From Italy

Dear Friends, Today August 15 is a holiday in Italy which is known as Ferragosto, the principle summer holiday. The whole country shuts down for almost the entire week and there is hardly anyone who does not go on vacation. This holiday also coincides with the Catholic holiday, the Assumption of Mary. This Catholic doctrine was added to church dogma in 1950, and asserts that Mary was assumed into heaven both body and soul. At its acceptance, it was deemed certain and infallible, despite not finding any place in Scripture. While we’re thankful everyone gets a day off, the Catholic holiday reminds us of how far the Catholic Church has moved from the Scripture in order to embrace traditions that move people far from Christ. As the summer … [Read More...]

News From Asia Pacific

Getting healthy We are praising God that Tina has been recovering well from her hysterectomy surgery in the later part of June. It has taken quite a bit longer than we expected, but God has used the time to teach us and give us an opportunity to teach others. God is teaching us personally to depend more on Him both for spiritual and physical health. He is all we really need! As we waited in many waiting rooms, God gave opportunities to Tina to speak to other patients at the hospital about the Lord. Several expressed an interest in God’s Word and Tina not only shared Christ with them, but we were also able to give a couple ladies copies of evangelistic Bible lessons. God also gave us a group of young people, our kid’s friends, who came … [Read More...]