Alexey Sherin – Krasnoyarsk, Russia

3rd Quarter 2017 Report

 Greetings to you, the Church of Jesus Christ, peace and grace be to you from the Northern lands!

God continues to have mercy on us and to keep us safe, for which we praise and glorify Him. Several things for which we want to thank God more and more I want to share with you.

First of all, it is a wonderful celebration of Harvest, which we had in our church. The service went really well, we had quite a number of people, and some came for the first time! I have noticed a long time ago that in spite of all the uniqueness of Northern life (people regularly move in and out, and the population of Norilsk is declining with each year), the church is growing and new people come to church. We grow by at least the number of people who leave, and at times even more new people joined the church.

Secondly, the repair of the heating system which we are doing. We have done a lot of work on refurbishment the building of our House of Prayer. Presently we changed about 50% of all the heating and plumbing system and equipment, because most of it had grown old and we need good heating in our building. We are glad not only for the fact that we have sufficient funds to make all the repairs we planned, but we are even greatly rejoicing for willingness and openness of hearts of people who give their funds, time, and energy in order to get the work done. Many brothers upon completion of 8-10 work hours in their heavy jobs, come to the church and spend a few hours in order to do needed work there. The sisters always take care that brothers would be well fed, even more than it is needed. Due to the technical issues of this work, we are not able to change all the heating system in our building, but with the help of many hands in this brief time of summer we were able to complete not only the work on heating, but also were able to make some needed repairs of the worship sanctuary.

Thirdly, we are grateful to the Lord for development and growth of the adaptation centre. Presently we have 6 people who live there, and those people can hear regularly about Jesus Christ. Some of them call themselves Christians and even witness about their conversion. The leader of that ministry decided to enter a part-time course at Novosibirsk Bible Theological Seminary, and he wants to consecrate his life to the Lord’s ministry and to become more effective in this ministry.

And of course, there are many difficulties along the way, but we continue to pray for many of our brothers and sisters who have many personal problems. It is they who have need of the Doctor, namely Jesus Christ, as Jesus Himself said.

Please, pray for a son of our sister Tatiana, his name is Sergei. He is a drunkard. I met with him several times and personally witnessed to him. We were able to make good personal contact and he even promised to come to church. But recently he committed a crime and now he is placed into prison. We believe that God’s hand can touch his heart even in that place. Please, pray about it.

Also, Katerina and I were invited by our non-Christian friends to a picnic. This is a married couple for whom we try to provide some help. Please, pray that our witness to them about Christ would be like seed which fell on good soil.

We also continue to develop the small groups for men. I see a special need in training new ministers. And, unfortunately, this is not a simple task, but God is doing His work.

Please, pray for it and for our ministry here.

With due gratitude for your support and prayers,

Alexey and Katerina Sherin.