News From Italy

Dear Friends,

Today August 15 is a holiday in Italy which is known as Ferragosto, the principle summer holiday. The whole country shuts down for almost the entire week and there is hardly anyone who does not go on vacation. This holiday also coincides with the Catholic holiday, the Assumption of Mary. This Catholic doctrine was added to church dogma in 1950, and asserts that Mary was assumed into heaven both body and soul. At its acceptance, it was deemed certain and infallible, despite not finding any place in Scripture.
While we’re thankful everyone gets a day off, the Catholic holiday reminds us of how far the Catholic Church has moved from the Scripture in order to embrace traditions that move people far from Christ. As the summer months wind down to an end, we are eager to head back to Italy tomorrow in order to jump back into the ministry in order to make Jesus Christ known.

We praise the Lord for His goodness this summer as we were able to participate in the GMI bi-annual conference at the end of July. We’re grateful for the teaching, fellowship, and training we received and for the investment many people made in our children throughout the conference.

As we head back, we wanted to make you aware of a number of ways you can be praying for our ministry this month.

  • We will be restarting our Sunday afternoon Bible Study this coming Sunday. Please pray as I will be teaching the next three Sundays.
  • Please pray for the people that attend and that we meet with regularly as I seek to reestablish discipleship relationships with them.
  • A man that I do not know named Massimo (no not me!) contacted me this summer asking to meet upon our return to Italy because he has questions regarding his pursuit of Christ which to this point in his life has been unfruitful. Please pray that we would be able to meet and that he might understand and respond to the gospel message.
  • For wisdom as we begin to make decisions regarding a remodeling project in the store front we rented for our church.
  • Please pray as I research and write a chapter regarding Roman Catholicism and Ecumenism for an upcoming book project by the The Master’s Academy International.
  • There are also a few ways you can pray for our family. The children all start school in mid-September. This will be the first time in 9 years we do not have any children at home in the morning so it is a big transition for us.
  • Please pray for Alessandro and Eliana, our older two, as they transition back into Italian school for the first time in over a year. It will be a new school with new teachers and new classmates. Please pray for their protection as we seek to shepherd our children through various unbiblical ideologies.
  • Please pray for Gianluca and Giuliano as this will be their first time going to Italian school, so they will also face a substantial language barrier since we speak English at home. Please pray they would quickly learn Italian.
  • Please pray for Susanna as she finds a new rhythm and hopes to restart Italian lessons in the upcoming months.
  • Please pray for the salvation of our children and wisdom for us as we seek to instruct them in the ways of the Lord.

Thank you so much for praying for us and for the sacrifices you make for the gospel!

By His Grace,
Massimo for Susanna and the kids