Milhous, Ken and Debby

Serving in a Japanese Ministry, USA

Ministry Focus: Pastoring a church in Boston

Ministry Overview

We are involved in direct outreach to Japanese in the greater Boston area.  Boston has a significant Japanese population, but 95% of them are here temporarily, as they are here for studies, research, etc.  We reach Japanese while they are here in the U.S. (where they are more open to the gospel), and send them back to Japan as Christians.  We also continue to connect with those who have returned to Japan to encourage them in their walk once they are back in Japan.  Ken also oversees all Japanese ministry in the U.S. for Converge, helping to bring the existing churches together, networking with other organizations, and working to start more Japanese ministries.

Prayer Requests
  • We are still raising our support, while being fully engaged in ministry. Please pray that the Lord will raise up partners so that we can reach 100% as soon as possible.
  • Pray for the salvation of the seekers who are coming to our ministry.
  • Please pray that we will continue to be effective in reaching the Japanese here in the U.S.
  • Please pray that the Lord will work through us to strengthen our existing Japanese churches and begin new ministries among the Japanese here in the United States.

Personal Mail:

397 Somerville Ave.
Somerville, MA 02143


Financial Support Address:

Converge Worldwide
2002 S. Arlington Heights Rd.
Arlington Heights, IL 60005