Kathy Keller

Serving in Paris, France

Ministry Focus: Kathy is in Paris to become a City Team Leader through Reach Global, the EV Free’s missions organization.

Kathy K 2011

Ministry Overview

Kathy had previously served with Reach Global for 15 years in Dar Es Salam, Tanzania. She then prayed and asked God to show her the next step in her life. Paris was off of her radar.  Going to the Middle East was more on her radar than going to Paris. She spent three months thinking and praying with her organization and church about where she should go and nothing seemed to make sense.  But for some reason, when Paris was mentioned to her and she saw the statistics about that city, she was intrigued.  So she chose Paris and arrived there on New Year’s Day, 2016.

Prayer Requests
  • God would open her ears and mouth to the sounds of French and that she would be faithful to “study” when that is appropriate.
  • Pray God will continue to give her a love and heart for the people she is around and even more so, a heart for the one who loves them!
  • Her tutor has found a permanent job.  She is praying about whether she should look for another or not.
  • She has decided to move closer to her school for six months with a lady that doesn’t speak English really at all.  She is excited about this opportunity.
  • She has found a church and is now involved in a Thursday evening fellowship group.  This church wants to shine the light of Jesus in Paris and it is fun for Kathy to get to know them.
  • Her health is much better now.  Pray that the breathing issue (asthma) was just a temporary thing that will go away for good!
Personal Mail:

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17 Voie de Wissous
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