Gittlen, Peter and Laura

Serving in Mexico

Ministry Focus:  Wycliffe Bible Translators, Mixtec Language


Ministry Overview

We work with the Mixtec Indian people of Oaxaca in Southern Mexico, doing Bible translation, linguistics, and literacy.  Praise God that we are nearly finished with the translation of God’s Word into the Mixtec language!  All of the New Testament and 1/3 of the Old Testament are translated and recorded.  The Scriptures are now being checked by manuscript editors, which is the first step in the publications process.

Peter is now the Director of Personnel for all their workers in Mexico.  They are also involved in training Spanish speakers in linguistics so that they are prepared to do the same kind of work.

Prayer Requests
  • Protection for us and our Mixtec colleagues.
  • Wisdom for our Mixtec co-translator, Ray, who has begun to work with Mixtecs from a neighboring area to adapt our translation to their variety of the language.  Pray that God will provide motivated believers to work with Ray on this project.
  • Quality editing of the recorded Scriptures. The audio version provides a way for non-readers to hear the Word and for inexperienced readers to learn to read better.
  • Wisdom, strength and energy to finish all of our projects and tasks well.

Apartado 4
Mitla, Oaxaca 70430