At The Bridge Bible Fellowship, our desire is that each person would be encouraged and strengthened in his or her relationship with Christ and with others. (Acts 2:42-27)

Our desire is that everyone in our church would not only attend our worship service, but that each person would take advantage of the variety of Adult Bible Classes on Sunday mornings. We encourage you to find out more about our ABC Classes and pray about joining a group, which will challenge you to learn and grow in your faith.

The following list reflects our current Sunday Adult Bible Classes (ABC). Should you need assistance in finding the right group for you, please contact Diane Baker in the Church Office, 818.776.1500 x 136. She will be happy to assist you!

Download ABC & LIFE Group Listing (May 18)

Answers for Today

Location: I Building/ I-102 (campus map) Subject: “What it Means to be a Christian”
Taught by: Pat & Kate Kearns, 818.996.1496,, Tyler Kitchel

Biblical Counselor Training (Closed)

Location: I Building/ I-203 (campus map) Subject: Biblical Counseling
Taught by: Mike Vos, 805.889.7220,

Breaking Ground (College/Young Adults)

Location: I Building/ I-201 (campus map) Subject: Gospel of Luke
Taught by: Randy Leinen


Location: I Building/ I-203 (campus map) Subject: New Testament Survey
Taught by: Steve Kingery 818.620.9830

Easy English Bible Class

(Starting 9/17/17) Location: D Building (campus map) Subject: Bible Discussion (ESL)
Taught by: Charlene Joseph,818.830.5153,;  Noel & Vaughna Colaco, 818.345.5123,

Faithful Families

Location: I Building/ I-101 (campus map) Subject: Finding God’s Will
(Formerly Younger Marrieds) Taught by: Zach Volker, 818.823.5197,


Location: K Building/ K-Java (campus map) Subject: Patriarchs (Genesis)
Taught by: Rich Weitzel, 818.881.8931,

Joint Heirs

Location: K Building/ K-Summit (campus map) Subject: Life Lessons from Minor Characters
Taught by: Larry Redekopp, 818.885.9275,


Location: I Building/ I-103 (campus map)  Subject: Financial Peace University
Taught by: Steve & Mary Lively 818.776-1500, Ext. 126; Tim & Vicki Guttridge, 818.222.7599;

Sermon Discussions

Location: K Building/ K-5 (campus map) Subject: Sermon Application
Taught by: Harold Morgan, 818.341.1406,

The Other Sheep

Location: K Building/ K-3 (campus map) Subject: 2 Corinthians
Taught by: Robert Hommel, 818.348.4066,