Sherin, Alexey and Katerina

Serving in Northern Russia

Ministry Focus: Serving in local churches

Stepping in to share the Good News of Jesus Christ to the people of Norilsk, northern Russia, is a young couple named Alexey and Katerina Sherin.

Alexey is 30 years old and for as long as he can remember, his mother, who grew up in a Christian home, telling him about God. He attended Sunday school and heard many Bible stories and lessons from his mother.

After hearing a missionary’s testimony, Alexey knew he wanted to give his life to the Lord’s service. Upon graduation from Western Siberian Bible College, he began ministering beside mature Christians and soon realized that youth ministry was his calling.

In one of the youth missionary projects, his team went by boat to Norilsk in order to help the local church run a children’s camp. This is where he met Katerina, who would later become his wife. Alexey wrote, “Our love and desire to serve God together was growing very fast, but we waited three years to be married. Her parents asked us to wait till she completed her studies at the institute. It was a long and difficult time of waiting, but we knew that it would be worth it. Now we have a wonderful relationship with our parents. They really valued our obedience to them. And, I think it was also obedience to God. It was one of the great lessons in my life.”

Katerina is 23 years old. Her parents came to faith when she was about seven, so Sunday school and church were very much a part of her life. As she grew up, her ministry in church was connected to Sunday school and the Worship team. At the moment, the Sherins have no children, but believe that God will, in His time and if it is his will, bless them with a family.

Alexey and Katerina’s calling is to serve God by serving people. They had been praying for a missionary opportunity. In November of last year, they were offered the opportunity to move to Norilsk (where they first met) in order to serve in the local churches in Norilsk and Talnakh. They want to glorify the Lord through their ministry and have asked us to pray that they would be able to build good relationships with the local churches and that they would be seen as Christ’s disciples. It is our privilege to support this young couple, Alexey and Katerina Sherin.